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    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Property manager in Nigeria at PRIXAIR PROPERTIES LIMITED. I got a job through careers 24, was called by one of their representative and my resume was forwarded to the parent company in Abuja, which I had to traveled down for the interview. I got the job on the day of the interview. Thanks to career 24. Am using this priveledge to invite many job seekers to fill in their data to careers 24 and surely Thier job is waiting for them. Thanks

  • Idris

    04 December 2018

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Store Keeper Manager - Spare Parts in Nigeria at TGI - WACUBES. Careers24 referred me to TGI for an interview through my CV in their database. They did a follow up and encouraged me through the interview process. Eventually, I got the job and resumed 3rd December. This shows that having your profile & CV on careers24 is a potential route to getting a job. Thanks to the Careers24 Team .

  • Solomon

    12 September 2018

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Marketing Manager in Nigeria at Foodco. I got a call from the career 24 team on an opening in a leading supermarket and food chain firm in the country. The career24 team were very professional and helpful during the process. Today I, lead the marketing team of the a fast growing retail and food company in South West Nigeria. Thank you career24.

  • Ifeanyi

    12 September 2018

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Store Opening Manager in Nigeria at Foodco Nigeria Limited. I was told about careers24 by a friend who got his Job from career2s4 and I could not believe it could happen until I registered and kept updating my profile. Until recently I was desperately looking for a Job and God used careers24 to reach out. I did not just get a job but a Good Job that aligned with my career part. I want to use this medium to thank God and careers24 for helping me achieved another stage of my career, also to thank the great team who are working earnestly behind the scene to make our dream come true. May God bless you. Thanks!

  • Oluwasegun

    11 April 2018

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Head, Projects in Nigeria at HealthPlus Group. I really thank careers24 team for job well done. I landed a job at a blue chip retail company. Evertthing was professionally handled from beginning to signing of offer. No dime was paid to Careers24. I indeed owe you!

  • Segun

    23 November 2017

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Sales and Marketing Associate in Nigeria at VerifyMe Nigeria. I was on job hunt for 2 months.. worried daily until I decided to put my search focus on C24 (my nickname for them) ;) , New job post were added daily but one peaked my interest the most which was VerifyMe Nigeria. After an amazing interview , I was blessed with the job. Two months later I am in the C24 building and blessed with a chance to tell my story with the people who played a role. I urge ALL job seekers to not lose hope.. keep hustling, searching, applying and most importantly PRAY!. Thank you C24!

  • Temitope

    07 November 2017

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Head of Business in Nigeria at Prixair Media. Careers24 has helped me in getting my new job appointment with Prixair Media. I was online on a particular Sunday evening and I decided to click on their site. I saw several several jobs post and I decided to apply for the Sales and Marketing Manager. Thereafter, they went through my resume and saw that I was qualified for the job. The day I was called on my phone requesting for moment of my time I was excited. They did the interview and it was successful. The same day the company called me for a chat. To God be the glory I am gainfully employed now. Thanks to Careers24.

  • Ayotunde

    30 October 2017

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Senior Manager, Warehouse in Nigeria at Foodco Nigeria. Never a big fan of online recruiting platforms, my experience with the Careers24 team changed all that. Not only was the platform itself easy to use, the team were very supportive especially for a process that took a while to complete. Very professional and always available to answer your question(s), they are not one to treat you like an ‘ordinary’ job seeker. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Kome

    09 October 2017

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Pastry Chef in Nigeria at Foodco. I'm so grateful to Careers24.They got me a very good job which I'm happy with. Everything was handled professionally. They are very true to their words.I've gotten several emails from other HR companies that didn't come through but this came through and I didn't have to pay any fee. Careers24 rocks !!!

  • Moses

    21 September 2017

    Thanks to Careers24, I found a job as a Production Manager in Nigeria at Foodco Nigeria Limited. I applied for the job via Careers24 and to my amazement in less than two weeks, I got a call from Careers24 .The caller was not only professional but was helpful in ensuring I got all clarification on the requirement for the position and the rest is history as not only was I scheduled for the interview but I also got the job.

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